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For Thin and Fine Hair
for body and style support

Fine Hair Styling Kit is a grouping of specialty products designed to thicken and add body for style support to fine sensitive hair.

HOW IT WORKS: Each product is chemically compatible designed to work off the benefits of the other to revive its natural elasticity for body and style support without excessively coating the surface, making this kit ideal for ALL TYPES of "fine and thin hair".  Best Buy ($59.95 Value)


Multi Action Protein Shampoo with a fresh clean herbal fragrance. Gentle surface cleansing action maintains color, texture, elasticity and sheen for all hair exposed to heat styling, color, perms, sun, chlorinated and salt water. Protein herbal formula, cleans, conditions and builds body for healthy looking hair. Multi Action, may also be use as a conditioning "Body Bath Shampoo" in place of bar soap. 
8 oz size ($10.00)

Multi Action Protein Finishing Rinse  with a fresh clean herbal fragrance. Moisturizes and maintains color, texture, elasticity and sheen for all hair, especially fine thin hair.  Protein herbal formula de-tangles, seals in moisture and builds body for healthy looking hair. Multi Action, may also be used as a "Shower Moisturizer" for the entire body. 8 oz size ($10.00)
Triple Action Hair Flex Styling Brush designed for all styles and styling effects. One Styling Brush does it ALL , use to straighten, scrunch  speed dry, removes tangles and much more. It's the only styling tool your ever need. Designed for all hair types and lengths. $14.95

Special Effects Styling Spray
Triple Action
styling spray for shaping, finishing and blow dry styling. Thickens thin hair and resists moisture, never sticky or tacky in humid weather. Special Effects styling spray is water soluble will not build up on hair. 8 oz size $ 10.00

Quick Style Shaping Gel is the perfect shaping and styling gel for fine thin hair. Provides hidden support, shine and just the right amount of style support that fine hair needs without being to heavy. Water soluble and humidity resistant, easily remove with shampoo. Multi-Action conditioning formula improve color, texture and sheen.
8 oz size ($10.00)

The most advanced professional ( haircare ) and ( styling products ) are now available from the George Caroll Studio Style Collection. The George Caroll  (haircare) and styling products provide help for dry hair, fine hair, color treated hair, damaged hair and virtually any hairstyle. George Caroll's Studio Style (haircare) and styling tools will give your hairstyle a "Studio Style Look" like the Hollywood stars and celebrities we all admire. It's my intention to provide hair help, tips, professional advice with solutions for both your (haircare) and (hair styling) concerns. 

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